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Traditionally, all sliding sash windows were operated by cast iron weights. A box is built into each side of the window, which houses the weights. This is then attached to a piece of sash cord, which travels over a pulley in the top corner of the window and attaches to the sash that will be moving. The weight is chosen to closely match the weight of the sash, so that a perfect counterbalance is achieved and movement of the otherwise heavy window is effortless.


Spiral Balances

The use of weights and pulleys in newer sliding sash windows has reduced, and has largely been replaced by the spiral balances system. These function using similar principles of counterbalancing, but achieve it through the use of two springs inside a PVC tube. Spiral balances are normally visible on the inside of the window.


If your window has spiral balances and drops or wont stay up whatsoever then its probable that your spiral balances need replacing. Over the years they become weak and will eventually snap if they have not done so already. 

We can replace Spiral balances and get your window back to being operational. 

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