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sash window repair, new sill, heritage window restorations



We are qualified to use the very best window resins and we only use good quality joinery grade timber.


Repairing your windows or doors have many benefits over replacing them, some of these include:

  • Maintains the original period look to your property.

  • Its often cheaper than replacement.

  • We use both traditional and modern joinery techniques to get the best repair.

  • It is also possible to bring original windows up to modern environmental standards without harming any features of historical value. 

  • Permanent repairs can be made using appropriate materials and timber preservatives.

  • The use of modern paints and methods can lengthen the time between redecoration's.

  • Draft proofing, traditional shutters and heavy curtains improve energy efficiency and reduce noise transmission.

  • Modern locking devices are available to deter intruders and to restrict opening.


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