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What does a window restoration entail?

Restoration of your timber sash windows will ensure all windows are structurally sound, work freely and have cords of the correct length, with correct weights. The renovation process includes:

  • - Both upper and lower sashes are removed and checked

  • - Loose joints glued and clamped

  • - Minor damage repaired with Windowcare epoxy resin filler

  • - Major damage repaired by removing rotten wood and splicing in new timber

  • - Excess paint cleaned off

  • - Pulleys are lubricated

  • - Sliding sashes are sanded around the perimeter to a smooth finish

  • - Loose tenon joints are strengthened

  • - Cracked, defective or loose putty is removed and replaced

  • - Sash sides are waxed

  • - Sash re-corded with waxed cotton sash cord or sash chains

  • - Broken or missing staff/parting beads are replaced

  • - Draft proofing fitted, this consists of a perimeter sealing system and is machined into the lower sash meeting rail, staff beads and parting beads

  • - Sashes are checked for snug fit and ease of movement

  • - Finally, we coat any external bare timber with a clear primer preservative that contains a fungicide and insecticide.


Window Restoration

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