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Reglazed windows heritage window restorations

We glaze all timber framed windows and doors. We use all types of glass including all the popular patterns as well as your standard float glass.

We can also fit restoration glass which has that gentle wobble to match the original glass.

Do you have double glazed panes in part of your home that are misted up or damaged? We can also replace these.


In some cases we can machine your original window to take our slim lime double glazed units, Once fitted you can hardly tell your windows are double glazed. So you get all the benefits of double glazing but retain the period look to your property. 



Heat retention

Heat won’t escape as easily with double glazed windows, making the overall temperature in the house more comfortable. 

Sound proofing

Double glazed windows give an added insulation and will keep the noise out. This is perfect if your houses faces a busy main road or near a school.

More information on double glazing can be found here 

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